Wednesday Night Programs

Adult Discipleship Classes




Our Adult Discipleship Training program is a level-based curriculum for all ages and stages of Christian development. Various classes are offered on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m.

Some of the studies we have offered in the past include:

  • Becoming a Contagious Christian
  • Shaping the Next Generation
  • Five Love Languages
  • Gideon by Beth Moore
  • The Holiness of God by R.C. Sproul

We are continuously updating our class schedule. For a listing of current classes click on current classes above or contact the church office! 920-494-3647.

Discipleship for Children

  • Little Kings Kids (age 0-3 years)

Gentle childcare for infants and toddlers during Discipleship classes.

Each Wednesday the children will engage in music, activities, crafts, lesson and scripture memorization.  It is our intent that the children will grow in their faith and understanding of the scriptures, as well as reinforce behavioral skills of conduct and respect to God’s church house and those that attend there.

To encourage and recognize the children’s accomplishments we will be awarding prizes through a weekly points system.  Points will be earned based on attendance, bringing their bible, behavior during class, bringing a new friend, and most importantly scripture memorization.   Through the course of the year the children will be able to earn prizes ranging from; small novelties to Bible Warrior t-shirts, to an adult ESV Bible and personalized bible cases.  The goal of the prizes is to keep the kids engaged in the learning process and keep them excited about the program.  We will make it fun, yet expect the children to fully memorize each verse.  We will post the points in the Children’s Sanctuary with recognition for all.

Discipleship for Youth

Our heart is to actively involve the parents in all aspects of youth ministry. Our leaders work with the parents to nurture their adolescents through this stage of their lives. Youth meet in a relaxed atmosphere to discuss various topics on growing as a Christian. They explore issues of today, trust issues and discuss ways they can grow spiritually, and how to help others break free from the influences of the world.