Women’s Ministry

Our Mission:


To emphasize the fullness, richness and availability of Christ to meet the God-given needs of women of all ages within the Highland Crest Baptist Church, who in turn, will reach out through their families and into the community in an ever widening concentric circle.

Our purpose:


To encourage the women in their personal relationship and walk with the Lord, in order to equip them to carry out the Great Commission as stated in Matthew 38:19-20

To encourage the women to be involved in an ongoing Bible study that is provided for them by HCBC in our Sunday School in accordance with II Timothy 2:15 .

To encourage the women to fellowship together through such activities as special Bible studies (in addition to regular Sunday School attendance), crafts, retreats, etc., as exhorted to do in Hebrews 10:25 .

To encourage the women to hold fast to the truth in Titus 2:3-5 , which encourages the younger women to be mentored by the older women.

To encourage the women to enter into a state of contentment where the Lord has placed them at this time of their lives as stated in Philippians 4:1.