Life Action SUMMIT

A Marriage Revived

Testimonial from Life Action Summit Conference

God Found Me Miserable and Angry

Testimonial from Life Action Summit Conference 

A Life Action Summit is designed with everyone in mind. 

Through dynamic children's programs and specialized sessions for teens and adults, the truth of revival have been tailored to address the age-specific needs of individuals and families.

Happy Heart City 4 years - 1st Grade

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Children 4 years old through 1st grade will enter Happy Heart City, where teachers and various characters will teach that "Obedience is the Key." They will learn the Ten Commandments through drama and motions, as well as enjoy creative lessons, crafts, songs, and activities full of substantive biblical content.


Base Camp  2nd - 5th Grade

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A unique experience for 2nd - 5th graders, foundational character principles and Scripture will be presented through music, drama, interactive lessons, and activities.  Upon entrance they will become "climbers" who will be trained to pursue the ultimate adventure of knowing God and loving Him each day.


Awake  6th - 12th Grade

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Our youth ministry aims to ignite a generation of young people by seeing the dead raised, the sleeping revived, and the passionate refreshed.  Specialized sessions that complement the main sessions, as well as a Saturday seminar, will help teens think about how Jesus' teachings apply to their daily lives.  Our passion is to see teenagers awake and start a movement that will change the course of this world for God's glory.


Home Life Café

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Home Life Café has been designed to help people experience revival where it counts most - within the four walls of their homes.  Each summit includes specialized sessions for adults, as well as a Saturday seminar.  On our menu are biblical principles for some important aspects of home life (e.g. marriage, parenting, sexuality) discussed in a relaxed atmosphere.  Our goal is to remove the obstacles that keep you from experiencing God's best for your family.