Jesus left his disciples with the assignment of discipling others
It is our hope that Highland Crest would have a culture of discipleship.  Individuals are encouraged to get together for intentional discipleship.   

In addition, formal studies at Highland Crest and Small Group studies in homes are offered on a regular basis.

Dad's Bible Study

Fathers meet on Tuesday mornings to be equipped to disciple their wives and children.

Women's Bible Studies

Women’s studies are offered in September and January each year.  

Small Groups

Small group studies meet on Sunday morning from 9-10 at Highland Crest.  In addition, we are expanding our small group studies to meet in people’s homes on Sunday evenings.

Wednesday Night Discipleship

We offer video driven and leader led classes on various topics on Worldview Issues and Bible doctrine.  
Current Classes

Life at Highland Crest

Classes are offered throughout the year on Sunday mornings from 9-10:00

 Class 1: Hope 100-What is church membership (7 weeks)
 Class 2: Fundamentals of the Faith (12 weeks)
 Class 3: Finding my ministry (7 weeks)
 Class 4: How do I share the gospel? (7 weeks)

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