Our History

Over 60 Years of History

Highland Crest Baptist Church began with it’s first worship service on January 4th, 1956. These first worship services were held in various homes from week to week. The church was originally constituted as Calvary Baptist Church on April 30th, 1956. In June of 1956 the first full time pastor was called, the Rev. Furman Rivers.

An exciting date in the history of Highland Crest was August of 1956. It was at this time that the church purchased 8 1/2 acres of land at the corner of Highland and Military Ave.

1960 – 1961
The first few years continued with the church services being held in a store front, Chappell recreation center, and finally in an office building on Potts Ave. It was on July 2nd, 1960 that the ground was broken for the new building on the land at Highland (now Lombardi) and Military. On December 13th, 1961 the church voted to change it’s name to Highland Crest Baptist Church. On December 16th, 1961 the first services were held in the new building, which is now the children’s wing.

1963 – 1992
On September 20th, 1963 the church ordained its first deacons. In June of 1992 the church entered a new phase with the arrival of the volunteer building team beginning their work on the new addition. The first worship service held in the new building occurred on December 20th, 1992. The new building was dedicated on May 23, 1993.

A Vision Conference was held February 16, 2003, to seek the Lord’s will for HCBC’s growth. The church voted to stay in its present location and use its visibility as a “beacon of light” on Lombardi Avenue next to the stadium.

2006 – 50 Year Anniversary
In April, 2006 Highland Crest Baptist Church celebrated their 50th Anniversary! Former pastors Kenneth King and Tom Biles were present for the celebration.

In 2008 the HCBC congregation voted “unanimously” to purchase 30 acres of land near Lawrence Drive off of Hwy 41 about 3 miles south of Green Bay for the purpose of future building plans.
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